How long will it take to get regular sales from your website? It will depend on 1) how much SEO & SEM is put into the website 2) is it a properly built WordPress website? 3) Does the design & content sell when visitors land? Choose carefully, spend wisely & include research to get results.

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Your website’s success will be directly attributed to your ability to post quality content online.

Website Wrangler vs. Website Whisperer

Anyone trying to wrangle their own website copy is probably pretty overwhelmed. You may have deleted a few pages by accident. Posted huge photos. Tried to stick a video into a website post and are waiting for it to show up.

The amount of time you’re spending in front of a computer trying to post pictures, stories, video is adding up. You’re not getting the results you want, so you’re considering hiring an SEO firm.

Hire an SEO Firm

It’s a good idea to hire an SEO firm unless you’re a writer, photographer, videographer and webmaster. You shouldn’t try to handle your website duties.

Doing it yourself online is like a client walking into courtroom pro se. Attorneys know that judges don’t like it when a person represents themself because inevitably, the case will not be handled properly, things will move slowly, and the judge will be called upon to “help.”

The judge is not required to help and a pro se case may very quickly go sideways with an impatient judge. 

Google Doesn’t Go Easy on Websites

Likewise Google won’t go easy on your website when you make mistakes. Websites need a lot of maintenance and need many types of content.

DIYers often do things like stuff keywords into stories and tags. There’s a lot of plagiarism from online sources. There’s poor writing, stock photos, no video and very bad stabs at social media. Poor tactics to use for websites, especially new websites.

Learn Something About SEO

Before you decide on an SEO/SEM company, you’d better understand a little about SEO  so that the firm doesn’t talk over your head. You’ll hear words like algorithm, analytics, posts, ranking, keywords and content, coding.

Actually, they shouldn’t be talking about that. They should be asking about what your business does. How many doctors are in the practice, how long your law firm has been in business, what your specialties are and what practice areas you’re going to feature.

Don’t be fooled by someone claiming they can get you to page one of Google in 30 days. That cannot and will not happen. And if it happens once, you risk it all for that one month because those tactics are black hat tactics which can get your domain banned.
OR they’re expensive and they’re using Google AdWords and unless your budget can take it, get ready for And for all the cheapskates looking for a deal…if you’re expecting many thousands of dollars in billable hours, you can expect to spend many thousands of dollars in monthly SEO and SEM fees.

Cheap and Easy Internet Answers

The Internet is many things to many people. One thing it is NOT: easy to understand. The other thing about SEO is that it is expensive.

If you want cheap and easy, then answer one of those SPAM e-mails that’s asking you to try a business you’ve never met and who you’ll only pay $350 a month for SEO.

Go ahead and pay a stranger in another country using your bank or credit card. Best wishes and good luck in getting your website created and managed.

So if you’re looking for cheap and fast, stop reading here and head back to the online searches promising you results for under several thousand dollars a month.

For everyone else, let’s go into the big question: What’s quality content?

What is Quality Content?

Quality content includes written stories, photos, videos that you put onto your website.

That quality content should be:

  1. 100 percent original
  2. Specific to your business
  3. Professional in appearance 
  4. Carefully constructed 
  5. Placed online with design in mind

Quality Written Content

Quality written content sells your business without selling. It’s authentic and it’s about you and your team.

It shares your business story. It explains how you got started. What services do you offer?

Dont’ talk about price…and please, skip all that “call me now, come in today” hard sell and instead sit down and write something that’s interesting and relevant to your target audience.

Who’s Your Target?

Your target is twofold: first, it’s your current clients. Second, it’s the clients you know you can bring in because they’re calling you or are relevant to you.

But when you drill down into the demographics, it’s there that you’ll get your answers.

Your target is not you, so don’t write for you, your law firm, your doctor’s office staff. You need to know your audience. Then, you need to figure out what they want to know. 

Do they want to know about your education? How many cases you’ve won? How many clients you’ve worked with? How many awards you have?

Or do they want to listen to your war stories. Battles you’ve won, successes you’ve had are a great way to go, but you should not be telling them. Someone else should be sharing your capabilities.

  • Clients want to know how you’ll take care of their case. 
  • Clients want to know who you are when they Google you. 
  • Clients want to see what you say online and what other people say about you. 
  • Do you have good reviews? What do the bad reviews say? 
  • Are you talking about things that matter to them? Not if you’re not posting things on your website. 
  • They’re not going to go to Instagram to find out what other people say about a doctor. 
  • Clients are not perusing Facebook to find out if an attorney likes the same movies that they do. 
  • Clients go to Yahoo, Bing, Google 

What do you think they want to know about you? You’d be surprised, shocked, if you heard what your prospective clients want from you.

That’s a lot of responsibility placed on the shoulders of busines owners managing clients, office staff, cases and billable hours.

The final thing you should do in figuring out what to do about your website is to read a book on advertising and marketing. And if you don’t have time for any of that, then find a company that has the skill and the experience to sell you better than you can sell yourself.

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