Website traffic takes time because you compete against great websites for a place in Google, Yahoo and Bing search results. Your website has to prove its authority with quality content, video, photos, coding and design to show up in search engine results. Then, your website will get traffic.

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What Netflix is telling you through its many subscribers is that it’s filling a need for non-stop videos online. Netflix has sold memberships so that people may consume video by binge-watching (an endless stream of videos watched one after the other). It’s VOD (video on demand) and people love it because the watch anywhere on any device: Smart TV, iPad, iPhone, Android, Tablet, X-Box.

Netflix has no problem providing people memberships for $9 where the 36 million members may watch whatever they want and need 24 hours a day. They’re providing what people want. What is Netflix telling you?

Net Takeaway From Netflix?

Netflix proves that people want video. What business owners should take from Netflix success is that video is imperative to the success of your firm. Your website should provide videovideos by the marketing square through YouTube.

Video on Your Website:

  • Load video onto YouTube
  • Share video on website home page through YouTube
  • Use common sense for length of video
  • Keep it interesting and conversational

The formatting and streaming capabilities should go through Google product YouTube. YouTube allows you to share a video that is hosted on their website. But do so in limited quantities.

If you put too much video, large photos on your website, the load time will slow and the visitors will leave. Don’t upload video to your website because your formatting, size, load speed will be an issue on the many, many devices that people view websites on. Build your YouTube channel and fill it with content that keeps your viewers interested in what you know and what you can do. Your video should tell people why they should work with you.

Your Introduction Video

Your website should have video on its front page with a story that to the naked eye explains who you are and what you do. It should share, not sell and demonstrate your skill.

Video Tips:

  • Hire a professional
  • Practice your performance
  • Don’t read off cue cards
  • Know your topic
  • Talk with your audience
  • Watch timing

Quality video should do many things for many people so please, whatever you do, skip the DIY video where you turn your webcam towards you on the desk and start talking. No one wants to watch that. The angle is never flattering and you look like you’re unprepared and just chatting away. It’s not professional. Have someone shoot you, please.

The backend of the video is that it should be focusing on your Unique Selling Point: what separates you from your competition? What is the reason you’re a better lawyer or most adept at providing a certain medical practice or financial service?

But you can’t SAY that you’re better. Your message and information should prove that you know your field without bragging, putting down the competition or telling people what they should not be doing. Keep it positive.

A Note About Viral Videos

people want video on websitesVideos should be professional, positive, pleasing to the eye. If you want a viral video, do something that’s viral-worthy, that usually means newsworthy, compelling to the general public.

However, if you’ve watched enough viral video, you’ll know that most viral videos are unintentionally shot, they’re silly, funny, goofy or shocking. Is that what you want in your business repertoire?

But if you don’t practice your video, working off of a very clear message that you’ve created based on your strategy, you’re just blabbing about yourself.

No one likes to be sold and no one likes to be told what they’re doing wrong. People want to be informed and shown on video what kind of person you are. Be engaging with interesting topics that teach.

Visuals Matter in Video

Business is particularly personal in law, medicine, real estate and finance. When a prospective visitor hits your website they want to watch a video that shows them that you’re the right choice for the service that they need.

Video Tips:

  • Brainstorm, research topics
  • Follow strategy
  • Showcase your USP
  • Build a set
  • Write a script
  • Practice
  • Shoot 

You should have a set behind you that is professional and within your office. You should be dressed as you would be when a client visits.

You should be standing, not sitting. You should have a comfort level on video that reflects that you’re very able and very clear on the information that you provide. If you don’t like to appear on video, you’ve got to get over it.

YouTube: Your No. 2 Online Asset

YouTube, your next most important location after your website. Your YouTube channel should have regular content because what clients explain is that they watch all the videos orAmericans want video many videos on YouTube to find out all they can about expertise.

Tips for YouTube Channel:

  • Branded Graphics
  • Link all social media
  • Link website
  • Link Google Analytics
  • Consistent introduction
  • Identify points of contact
  • Identify who appears in video
  • Limit the length unless the topic warrants it

Clients of The Marketing Square get new clients that come to law firms, financial companies, real estate and medical firms. The clients tell them that they watched a video, read the blogs and looked at the website before deciding to call them for business.  They chose The Marketing Square clients because their content was the best and the client clearly understood the practice, service and topic better than the competition.

The Marketing Square Produces All Client Videos

Clients working with The Marketing Square don’t lift a finger when it comes to the video that’s produced on the website. The Marketing Square produces all client video and provides:

  • Research
  • Topics
  • Scripts
  • Talk points
  • Media training
  • Direction
  • Video shoot
  • Editing
  • Production
  • Posting to YouTube and sharing online
  • Coding

Netflix is ahead of the online game and this week its CFO reported that it’s responsible for up to 50% of online activity in the U.S. Well, who knows how they’re measuring that because those harnessing the Internet can’t know and see all. But 36 million Netflix viewers can’t be wrong.

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