Website traffic takes time because your website competes for a place in Google, Yahoo and Bing search results. A website has to show authority in quality content, coding and design to show up in search results. When your website is phenomenal you’ll get traffic.

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Websites Should Be Managed by Experts

If You Want the Best Results, Hire the Best Firm

seo and seo are complex

Time is money. You get what you pay for in website work.

Websites are not as easy to manage as some advertisers lead you to believe. Skilled programmers, not designers, should manage your website and SEO.

Websites are complex and should be managed by experts who know coding and who are building your website to perform at its peak. They have to know how to execute a yearlong SEO, SEM and search plan. If you want the best results, you have to hire the best firm.

Any Florida lawyer, doctor, realtor or financial services firm that has tried to build a website on WordPress,,, or knows that websites are overwhelming and frustrating for the average person.

Many website builds can become a nightmarish experience for you if you decide to take it on internally or ask a “marketing team member” to build it. If your team member knows IT, they are NOT a website designer or programmer. These are very different skill sets.

You don’t ask your accountant to do your marketing. Don’t ask your computer systems manager to be responsible for your business and advertising plan. Your website is your most valuable and important marketing asset. Choose your website builder and SEO and SEM team carefully.

After Website Build, Begin SEO and SEM

When your website is built or rebuilt you have to advertise the website online which is complicated, takes research and a staff that knows how to battle your online competition. You

SEO and SEM advertise your website online

Ongoing SEO (search engine optimization) is website advertising online.

have to be patient and progress carefully. When it comes to websites, slow and steady wins the race.

Slow and Steady Wins the Website Race

If you’re looking for someone to get you more business overnight, you’ll be sorely disappointed. The Internet is not a magical magnet. If you build a website there is a myth that you’ll get traffic and clients calling overnight.

Nothing could be further from the truth. There are billions of websites seeking attention from search engines. What will you do to your website that makes it search-engine worthy? You personally, don’t know enough to code, format and position your website for success.

Your clients hire you for expert advice, do the same when you hire a website agency.

Website advertising takes time and builds slowly. It will take months, not days or weeks. Think of the days of television and newspaper ads where your ad needed to be targeted. The ad had multiple runs, and shared a message over and over in different cities, states through a planned media buy. Likewise, SEO and SEM plans have to be thorough, strategic to bring in clients.

Advertising Seldom Used by Website Agencies

SEO and SEM are serious and difficult and take planning.

Vet and check the SEO firm you hire to manage your website.

A website that sells and shares your business online should be built by an SEO and SEM agency with an extensive history in advertising. If you want to attract the right clients, you have to hire the firm with the ability to build a strategy for reaching your target. If they’ve never sold or created a fully-integrated marketing plan they will not succeed.

Advertising is an art. It is philosophy, science, knowledge and supreme creativity combined. Websites involve computer science, coding. Content has to combine advertising, computer science with Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing research, planning and execution.

The Marketing Square has the advertising, computer science, SEO and SEM needed to succeed online and has built websites and provided online advertising (known as SEO and SEM) to attorneys, realtors, financial service companies and doctors for five years in Florida.  It was in North Carolina and Michigan prior to this working on the latest technology and research to provide our clients new revenue.

Don’t Hire the First SEO Firm You Meet

If you’re afraid to trust an SEO and SEM website firm, it’s understandable. Most of our clients prior to joining us were ripped off by up to six figures and were paying up to $15,000 a

don't choose the typical law firm companies to work on your website

Law firm web agencies overcharge for the base services.

month for unknown and actually basic tactics which yielded little or no results. I talked with an attorney this week who was paying a well-known law website $7K a month for two years and received only or 2 clients per month. That’s horrible! For that amount of money, the clients should be streaming in. You can expect at least several clients per week with a truly able SEO and SEM law firm.

However, these law firm websites take advantage of attorneys who are looking for “trusted” resources. The websites built are so basic and dated in quality and technique that it’s astounding that they’re paid websites. But when you wander into an unknown world (websites) hoping for the best, you’ll often get some of the worst con artists there are. Particularly if you tell them you need results fast!

Close your wallet. Get away from the so-called “expert” or “trusted” legal websites. For what they charge, you can find an independent firm who will cater to your needs, create a unique and successful website and SEO/SEM plan. The usual law firm online portals do not use the latest technology, research or create customized looks. You get template looks with the typical Orlando Lake Eola skyline photos. Stock art. They ask for your latest photo and slap it anywhere on the site.

typical website skyline photos are ot helping your website

Typical photos on websites do not help search.

You pay for the most basic website that doesn’t receive regular updates, unique copy to describe your firm or your team or your services. For that, you’ll pay dearly. You may feel that safe and secure services are worth paying for. But you can pay someone who will be safe, secure and provide you results.

They use common descriptors for your services, skills, about, who you are etc. Well, now you look like every other website out there. If your goal was typical, you’ll get it from the law websites. Just peruse your competitors and see what they’ve got.

Review some of The Marketing Square legal websites. Note the many pages, videos, photos, custom created design and copy. One of a kind is what Google, Yahoo and Bing look for. One of a kind is what clients receive. You have to stand out to make an impact AND you have to continually add new, better different information to remain relevant to search.

Hire with your wallet closed. Don’t mention budget until results from clients are shared with you. What kind of revenue can you expect? ROI is pretty straightforward. You pay X to get Y after how much time?

There are so many con artists and so-called website experts out there, proceed with any website and SEO firm with caution. Call their clients. Find out what kind of revenue you can expect for your field before you begin. Have they got case studies? Make them prove it to you. If they can’t, move on until you find a firm who can show revenue with like clients.

Medical, Legal, Financial, Guidelines

the florida bar regulates website advertising

Watch what you say and how you say it.

Have the website firms you’ve talked to worked within the website legal restrictions and rules established by governing bodies in your profession?

Do they know the American Medical Association guidelines? Can they answer the SEC and CFP, or FFIEC, regulations? Do they know what the Bar in your state says you can and cannot say online? Does the ABA have standards that you have to adhere to?

If you post a video or copy that client result claims or you post testimonials, you have to send this through the Bar in your state. There are many legal, medical and financial governing bodies that regulate what you can and cannot do online in advertising your website and other advertising outlets. The Marketing Squre knows the guidelines and rules of each industry and maintains courses and certifications to keep up to date with any changes that regulating your business.

Meanwhile, Ask Yourself These Questions: 

Do you have time between court to post to your website

Would you rather be in court or in front of your computer posting to your website?

  • Are you frozen in place afraid to make the wrong move with your website?
  • Are you overwhelmed by technology?
  • Does the thought of writing website copy frustrate you?
  • Are you sick of hearing the wonders of social media?
  • Do you feel like you’re at a disadvantage not knowing what needs to be done to your website?
  • Are you wondering whether who you hired is actually working on your website?

You Should Have Answers, Not Questions

You Need Business, Not Traffic

It’s understandable that you’re unsure of what to do with your website. But the firm you hire should be able to explain in layman’s terms what they will do to drive new business.

NOTE: I said drive new BUSINESS, not new traffic. You can have a lot of traffic, but no phone calls or e-mails. The Marketing Square knows how to advertise you online so that you get new clients calling and e-mailing you.

You may have very light traffic, but you should get hightly There are so many “experts” spouting their brand of web wisdom it’s hard to know who to listen to.

Start with a conversation. Call and ask questions. If an expert knows websites and how to get you to the top of the search engine, you’ll be able to ask them for their clients’ phone numbers so that you can call to vet the agency.

Don’t hire random strangers you find online or via your e-mail inbox which is no doubt filled with “website specials.” You’ll get exactly what you pay for

How Much Will It Cost?

SEO and SEM are imperative to a lawyer's success online

Lawyers need SEO and SEM to compete online.

Your business, your brand, is your livelihood. You’ve worked far too hard to turn its fate over to unknown entities. A good SEO/SEM firm is going to charge you several thousands per month to do your SEO/SEM for a 1-person firm. A 2-person firm, add to that and so on.

If you’re looking for the cheapest firm, you’ll be disappointed when you call us. We’re one of the best and our clients are earning many, many thousands monthly from our hard work. We don’t divulge client billings so you’ll have to ask them. So when you look for a return on your investment, start with calls to clients. We only take on clients we know will fit our process.

If you’re intent on controlling every word, video and picture that goes online, we probably won’t be a good fit for you. We take over your website and manage it 100%. If you don’t want to touch your website, then we’re a perfect fit. If you hate writing, posting, shooting video, taking pictures, we’re the firm for you.

If you’re somewhere in-between, it’s possible we can work with you. But just as you handle the care of your patients, or the litigation for your clients, the financial futures of your clients, we take over your website duties. You can’t do what we do and we can’t teach you. It’s too hard and it’s computer science with proprietary tactics.

Generating content and quality video, photos and online messages takes time and expertise. You do your job and we’ll do ours. But you need to turn the reins over to us after we’ve gotten started. Trust takes time, and we’re in no hurry. Website success is slow and steady. There’s never a rush to do it all in one day, week or month. It takes a good six months and then your business will change.

doctors need SEO and SEM

Medical and legal categories are very competitive online.

You’lll get clients within the first months, but steady clients take six months. If someone else can get you there cheaper and faster, we wish you the best. Just be certain that what they’re doing is legal and in accordance to Google guidelines. You don’t want your domain/website banned for tactics.

What is SEO/SEM?

In short, SEO and SEM is coding the content and formatting the elements on your website and online. It’s content generation: written copy, videos, photos, social media, articles, posts.

Website and online work is constant and complicated. You probably will never understand what we do no matter how many ways we explain it to you. It’s grueling computer time for the average person who is not able to sit and code, format, writed, edit video, post online and share in relevant locations.

Several hours a day is just the beginning of what we do, but within those hours of work, a wide range of activities must be completed, carefully and with strategy that is all about YOUR business.

About Our Team

The Marketing Square has a highly skilled, mature and experienced team. Our team is aged 50 and over (except video editor Daniel). This is intentional because our clients want a reliable team with a long successful record online.

Our writers are former reporters and editors who know learn your brand and who can expertly share your stories. We use research, language, advertising and website design to shape your online image and story. Every website is unique and created for client needs.

We explain that what we do is as complex as what you do for your legal, medical, real estate and financial clients. You’ll need to understand that we cannot succeed with your website without your full cooperation. We’re going to get to know your team, your firm, your practice so that we can share your story online. Then, we create a strategy for your business to reach your target.

How long will it take to get new clients?

  • 30 days to build a new website from scratch
  • 45 days to rebuild a website
  • 5-6 months for continuous website clients
The Marketing Square provides proven web results. Just ask our clients.
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