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Proven Website Results



best florida attorney websites SEO An Attorney’s Website Has to Earn Its Place On Search Engines

If you’re an attorney or a law firm, you face incredible competition trying to reach the top of search engines. Most law firms rely on experts to provide mysterious services: Videos, SEO (search engine optimization), SEM (search engine marketing), social media, content. Is yours working?

What Does Google Say About YOU?

  1. What does Google say about you?
  2. What’s the first website you see?
  3. Is your website at the top of Google?
  4. Are negative reviews popping up?
  5. Are your videos showing?
  6. How many pictures appear?

You’ll reach the top of Google and control what’s there with The Marketing Square. Read More…


 medical website design
Doctors Need Experts
to Manage Websites,
Negative Ratings

Doctors and medical practices compete against each other on Google, Yahoo and Bing in a costly search engine race.

If you’re a doctor, a surgeon, a medical specialist you may not know what SEO is but you know if your website is bringing clients to you. You should know when to expect new patients.

Doctors Face 3
Challenges Online

  1. Handling reviews and ratings
  2. Website & database security
  3. ROI on advertising dollars

It’s time to make a change if you’re paying to reach the top of search with no return on investment.  The Marketing Square provides doctors proven website results and reputation repair.
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Proven Website Results in 180 Days
The Marketing Square
Provides Continuous,
Proven Website Results

The Marketing Square is a website design and advertising agency expert in turnkey legal, medical and business website builds. We’ve provided our clients proven website results since 2010.

Your website holds the first client meeting and you have 2 seconds to sell visitors before they leave your page.

Is Your Website
Driving Revenue?

  1. Does your website bring clients?
  2. Are reviews affecting business?
  3. What does Google say about you?

The Marketing Square brings targeted clients to your website with 100% turnkey management. We make the phone ring and bring patients and clients through your door with revenue you can rely on. Read More…

Bad Ratings and Reviews

Online reviews and ratingsDoctors, lawyers, restaurants, brands and celebrities face attacks, bad ratings and reviews posted online by people who can hide behind fake names and identities.

You may want to fire back with the ferocity of a courtroom cross-examination. But should you respond? Never, ever respond to online attacks. You’re asking for more punishment.

If a client posts something nasty about your practice or a patient goes on a rant after a long waiting room experience, Do Not Respond. Ever.

Never Retaliate or Explain

You will enrage someone with ANY response to a review. Worse, by answering a client complaint you may unleash the Mother of All Online Attacks against you.

Don’t poke the bear! Get over it and calm down. You have to hire an expert because you’re only going to tick them off. Plus, The American Medical Association prevents doctors and State Bar Associations prevent attorneys from disclosing client names, cases, or facts that identify clientele without a release.

How to Handle Online Attacks

The Marketing Square or is a reputable firm and we know how to handle online attacks, bad ratings, reputation management and false reviews. Businesses that go toe-to-toe online against an attacker are only asking for more punishment. Don’t fire back. Get a grip and call a specialist.

You will ruin your reputation trying to defend yourself. You WILL incite more uncontrolled, ongoing social media and online reviews and rating attacks. Work with The Marketing Square to tackle reviews and online bullies. Read More…

What is SEO?

Search Engine OptimizationSEO is search engine optimization. SEO is any coding or content added to a website at a level that will attract search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Google search engine bots crawl a website scanning it for content, format, speed, copy, pictures, video: quality and relevant information.

The pictures, copy, videos, formatting, function, load speed and errors are reviewed by the search engine bots. The best pages earn top spots in search engine results.

Page One on Google

Only the best websites hit Page One on Google. Quality content has to post regularly to be in search results. Updated website pages with the right bells and whistles come up in search engine results.

Every website page matters, each line of code, every element has the opportunity to land your website page at the top of Google, Yahoo or Bing. Only the best websites make it and the worth has to proven consistently.

SEO & SEM is Not DIY

SEO and SEM is not a DIY job. The Marketing Square is a turnkey website management company with proprietary tactics handled for clients.

You own your website but we manage it. Websites are complex. SEO and SEM can’t be learned from YouTube and the Internet.

How Does Google Choose Websites?

There are billions of websites so how does Google choose websites? Through algorithms that only search engines know Read More…