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Proven Website Results

                    Legal Websites

best florida attorney websites SEO

An Attorney’s Website
Has to Earn Reviews &
Search Engine Ranking

Attorneys and law firms face incredibly competitive online and sometimes hostile search engine results, search optimization and reputation management battles daily.

Whether your competitor is buying your business name in their AdWords campaign, or using your name in their search engine optimization, it’s an uphill war.

Attorneys can feel helpless and vulnerable against State Bar-regulated yet oft-used tactics.

California, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Florida lawyers, attorneys and law firms have big battles to fight online:
First, against the search engines. Second, against competitors. Third, against invisible foes (you recognize) as former clients who have written brutal reviews about you or your firm online.

What Does Google
Say About YOU?

What does Google say about you? Is there a fantastic story and the photos and videos that you’ve selected at the top of your Google search? Or, is there a story you’d rather not see or a negative review?

Wouldn’t it be better for a law firm, an attorney, a large legal firm to control and affect what pops up at the top of Google searches? Yahoo searches, Bing searches?

 Lawyers and attorneys, doctors, and professionals: you are who you say you are online through your websites, SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing).

If you instead leave things to chance, then, you are what the Internet and reviews and your clients say about you.

If you didn’t get the chance to say who you are online, first, then someone else is happy to say it for you. Don’t give anyone the opportunity.

Let The Marketing Square help to prevent brutal reviews and tell your story as it should be told.

Medical Websites

We build the best doctor website builds florida

Doctors Shouldn’t Handle
Search Engines, Ratings,
Bad Reviews All Alone

Medical website builds and website management require careful execution and content management.

In addition, The Marketing Square knows that doctors and medical practices are forced to compete for the top of search engine placement while fighting to protect against reputation damage from caustic reviews.

Whether you’re in California, Wisconsin, Michigan or Florida, if you’re a doctor or work in a medical practice, you should work closely with the firm you hired for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

Whether you have a new website or an old website, you have the opportunity to control what’s said about you online.

Are You Afraid
to Google Yourself?

Are you afraid to Google yourself?

Go ahead, Google your name. Google your medical practice. It’s better to know what’s said online than to be surprised at ratings, reviews and stories.

You should know what’s being said about you, your medical practice, your team in Google, Yahoo and Bing search engine results.

The Marketing Square will help you change and manage the damage patient ratings may be causing. The key is understanding what you should do, and having a customized medical website and marketing plan story.

You can control and shape and share the value of your medical expertise online.  You can secure your good name and keep your medical reputation intact. No matter how bad it is, something can be done to repair the negatives.

Be first to tell patients about you and your practice in search engine results.  The Marketing Square can build a website to answer patient questions when they visit your website.

Proven Website Results

 Proven Website Results

The Marketing Square
Provides Continuous,
Proven Website Results

The Marketing Square is a website and advertising agency that has provided doctors, lawyers and businesses with proven website results since 2010.

The Marketing Square produces client websites 100% turnkey. Website builds include research, all website content, copy, photos, WordPress themes, videos, social media, graphic design and online assets.

Websites are completed in 60 days or less. Client websites receive customized SEO and SEM plans to bring continuous, proven website results.

Clients have trusted The Marketing Square and its 1-of-a-kind proprietary WordPress system which combines Advertising+Journalism+SEO (search engine optimization)+SEM (search engine marketing) for regular revenue.

Your Phone Will Ring
With New Client Calls

Proven Website Results mean that your phone will ring and you’ll receive e-mails from people and businesses who found you online in results from search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Your website will deliver real, paying clients. Most clients note that 75-80% of callers have already made their decision to do business and just want to know how to get started.

The first meeting that you have with any client or patient will happen without you. You’re going to be Googled and your website is the first thing that they’ll see. You’re not there to explain and show and tell.

Does your website answer visitors’ needs in one or two seconds? If not, they’re going back to search results for what they need.

The Marketing Square websites engage visitors the moment that they find you in search results. We look forward to hearing your story and welcome your questions.

Contact us for a consultation when you’re ready for proven website results.