Every member of The Marketing Square team has a one decade expertise minimum, and has joined the agency between 2010-15.
The Marketing Square provides websites, marketing plans, SEO, social media, video, photography, PR, reputation defense, and millions in sales.
The Marketing Square works for Florida attorneys, law firms, and small businesses. Clients remain for three to six years and keep websites for three to 10 years.

The Marketing Square

How Does A Website Get Clients Through The Door?

How does a website get paying clients to walk through the law firm door? Multiple pieces must fall into place before prospects hire an attorney after clicking on a website. Visitors review copy, video, imagery, and the story a law firm shares. Yet, there’s no guarantee a visitor will then:

  1. call a law firm
  2. wait for a conflict check
  3. plan a consultation
  4. decide to hire, and,
  5. provide payment.

What can you do to lock and load prospects and where should your law firm story appear to solidify new customers?

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Marketing Q & A

We know how to sell online.

How does a website get to the top of Google? In plain terms, websites need strategic content, design, function, SEO, and must meet Google standards to appear in search results. A law firm must show at a glance – in 2-3 seconds – contact information and specific legal issues handled.
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Content is copy, photos, videos, articles, graphics, articles, audio files, blog posts, and logos placed on websites, social media, online publications, and search engines. Content is any element created or posted for online users to read, listen, watch, view, click, play, download, review, experience and engage with in some manner.
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SEO is search engine optimization which is defined as any work performed on a website to improve its content, coding, formatting, functionality, and appearance for the best possible user experience and position on search engines. Multiple Marketing Square team members perform SEO on every website page which involves expertise, skill and client knowledge to execute.
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Why rely on website SEO instead of PPC? Websites and SEO are forever yours and WordPress themes can be updated, plug-ins can add function, and appearance can be improved. SEO costs can eventually stop. PPC ads may appear at the top of SERPs but must go forever and disappear completely when payment ends.
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We love & know what we do!

Get what you dream of not what you ask for.

We’ll Be Your Legal Marketing Team

Revenue is the only result we promise Marketing Square clients. We take our website and SEO work personally and use every tactic possible to bring new, ongoing cases to law firms.

We’ll be your legal marketing team of experts who produce custom SEO, SEM, content, research, social media, video, photography, events, public relations, reputation protection, and proven one- to five-year marketing plans.

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How we work

Delivering new cases.


Information Download

We get to know you, your team, your practice, and discuss options based on your expectations in meetings and conversations.


Research & Planning

The Marketing Square team begins in-depth research to create a marketing plan with goals for growth with strategy, tactics, timeline, budget, and next steps.


Marketing Execution

We get to work for your firm building the website, writing content, shooting video and photos, creating graphics, getting approvals, and launching your online campaign.


Working Relationship

We answer all questions and address any issues in monthly marketing meetings. Call or email any time that you need answers or have concerns.

Every detail matters

We take client financial goals to heart.

We’re obsessed with driving revenue using new, better, and best tactics. Businesses rely on revenue from the work we provide them. Website SEO is continual and updated with search engine algorithms changes and includes intelligent, quality copy, photography, video, strategically positioned, designed and written pages. We do more than positively affect page quality, and placement in SERPs (search engine results pages). Law firms can count on continuous new customers.

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The Marketing Square

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We develop Florida businesses by creating exceptional brands and content for online and offline marketing assets. We consistently provide clients phenomenal return on investment and new customers.

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