No. 1 Trick for Website Traffic

Look for an online marketing expert as you would a legal, medical or accountant expert. Check references. Call clients to find out if they earned money working with the website firm. Hire someone with experience in your category. Marketing experts are a dime a dozen: choose wisely.


How Much Should You Invest in a Website?

Medical practices and law firms that need new clients always ask: how much should you invest in a website? The answer should be financial and mathematical and include strategy, timeframes and target. Before spending money on any website, FIRST, invest in a marketing plan that includes market research. Determine ROI in a website that best represents the business built by professionals to advertise your business. In the end, you’ll get ROI on a website built by a company with proven success from other clients in your industry.

What Every Website Owner Should Know

What Every Website Owner Should Know

Here’s what every website owner should know: All website owners who expect their website to get lots of traffic and show up at the top of Google quickly should adjust expectations. Here’s why: No. of Websites as of January 11, 2016: There were nearly 1 billion websites online: 976,383, 510 24 hours later, Jan. 12., the…

You Can’t Game Google

(This is a re-post from a question asked on Sept. 17, 2010. Some things never change.) Question: How can my website beat Google?  Answer: There is no magic Google wand or formula. You need coding, content and building websites according to Google standards to become Google-worthy. If your website is Google-worthy it’s coming up in search results. You’re getting phone calls.…

Well Be Your Website Whisperer

We’ll Be Your Website Whisperer

Dear Website Whisperer: We don’t have someone to update our website. Our web guy moved. We just need a couple updates a month. What can we do? Can you do this or do we need to have a transfer to your server? — Web Guy Gone, San Francisco Dear Gone: We’ll be your website whisperer.…