How to Protect Yourself Online

You can groan, get angry, frustrated and throw fits over the number of online accounts that you use and will have to change. It doesn’t matter: you can leave everything alone, cross your fingers and hope that nothing happens or you can actively protect yourself. You’ll be begging for help to secure your computer and devices online and it will be too late.

Online security is your responsibility. There’s not an FBI task force or police online trying to keep you safe. If you do need help call and The Marketing Square can make an office visit and get your computer “secured.”

No. 1 Trick for Website Traffic

Look for an online marketing expert as you would a legal, medical or accountant expert. Check references. Call clients to find out if they earned money working with the website firm. Hire someone with experience in your category. Marketing experts are a dime a dozen: choose wisely.


How Much Should You Invest in a Website?

Medical practices and law firms that need new clients always ask: how much should you invest in a website? The answer should be financial and mathematical and include strategy, timeframes and target. Before spending money on any website, FIRST, invest in a marketing plan that includes market research. Determine ROI in a website that best represents the business built by professionals to advertise your business. In the end, you’ll get ROI on a website built by a company with proven success from other clients in your industry.

What Every Website Owner Should Know

What Every Website Owner Should Know

Here’s what every website owner should know: All website owners who expect their website to get lots of traffic and show up at the top of Google quickly should adjust expectations. Here’s why: No. of Websites as of January 11, 2016: There were nearly 1 billion websites online: 976,383, 510 24 hours later, Jan. 12., the…

You Can’t Game Google

(This is a re-post from a question asked on Sept. 17, 2010. Some things never change.) Question: How can my website beat Google?  Answer: There is no magic Google wand or formula. You need coding, content and building websites according to Google standards to become Google-worthy. If your website is Google-worthy it’s coming up in search results. You’re getting phone calls.…