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The Marketing Square is an expert website, SEO, SEM, and online content agency driving revenue for attorneys, doctors, and CEOs.

Our Online Marketing Services

Video Marketing

Professionally produced for you

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Website Design

All elements created for you

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Social Media

Managed for you

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Original Content

Customized for you

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Google Results

Clients hire you

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Relationship Building

Engage your clients

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Your Investment Pays For Itself

We Do All the Work

You Take Care of Your Clients


How Much Will It Cost?

We’ll give you an honest estimate for your website build but we don’t have flat fees. Every website is custom built. This is a serious endeavor for attorneys who want to have a website marketing agency do all the work so that client management is the only work you’ll have to do.

How Long Will It Take?

We build most websites in 30 days but law firms with three or more attorneys can expect a 60-day build. Rebuilds generally take 60 days but your old site stays up. You’ll get phone call and e-mail inquiries sporadically when the website launches. You’ll receive regular client calls and e-mails after 180 days.

Ready for Your First Meeting?

Your first meeting happens online. You might prefer a personal connection, but the rest of the world is going to Google you before you meet. Is your website a mess? Is it dated? That’s what people will think of you and expect from you if that’s all you care to show online.

Why Aren’t You Online?

Florida became the third largest state in the U.S. with 20 million people in December 2015. The U.S. Census Bureau estimated the population of Florida was 20,612,439 in December 2016. Jacksonville is the largest Florida city with 868,031 people. Central Florida’s eight counties are growing. What more are you waiting for?

Who is Your Competition?

Your competition is a business that is like your business in size, billings, practice areas and target audience to your firm. A competitor is someone directly pursuing your prospect. Your competition is not a super firm if you are a one-person shop because there’s no way that you can financially compete.

What About Google AdWords?

If you want a Google AdWords campaign, The Marketing Square is not the agency for you. Google AdWords will not address your website. Google AdWords is not fast. Google AdWords cannot tell your story or answer client questions. The Marketing Square has successfully provided clients with clients without one AdWords campaign.

Do You Have Reasonable Expectations?

Sometimes lawyers come to us after they’ve been struggling for a long time. Maybe finances have reached emergency status. As lawyers you understand this. No one can speed or hurry Google results online. No matter who tells you they can do it, they cannot. But they WILL take your money. We won’t.

Are You Marketing Nationally and Internationally?

Florida has a very competitive legal market locally. Are you an international law firm offering national, regional or federal practice areas? Have you considered marketing nationally or internationally? Why not? The Marketing Square specializes in marketing national and international legal practice areas online and proudly brings law firms clients from six continents.

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Key Law Firm Services

Video Production and Marketing

Video is imperative to website traffic and your company and personal online presence. Shooting, editing, message, appearance, your backdrop or set provides the visual story of your law firm.

Videos look easy but when the camera rolls all those great ideas for a video are gone! Why is that? Video content is not easy to shoot, edit and produce. Do-it-yourself video is tacky. Poorly shot video will make you look unprofessional—especially if you’re sitting at your desk, slumped in front of your laptop camera.

The Marketing Square provides complete video services and shoots, edits and produces instructional videos, commercials, product or service videos. Our professionally shot and edited videos will tell your story with music and motion graphics, voiceover, B-roll with edits and formatting that meet Google standards.

Professional editing and post services for websites or media outlets in production-ready formats are provided by experienced team and finalized by our video editor and producer Daniel Erdeg.

The key to our video success is the preparation and planning that go into every aspect of the video shoot. Timing, lighting, sound, message, décor, wardrobe, personal appearance matter because your image online is set forever in video.
Traditional Print

Traditional print ads in targeted publications, outdoor, POS, business cards, postcards, fliers, newspaper, magazine, brochures. Complete design services from start to production-ready files, vendor recommends, delivery.

Social Media Marketing

We provide turnkey social media marketing including account building and management of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and many, many more.

We provide business profiles on different search engines, social media graphics, new accounts, ongoing social posts and social media relationship building. We appeal to and engage with your target and with media outlets, reporters, online personalities, and bloggers.

A Follow or a Like on Facebook does not constitute relationship building. Getting a retweet from a journalist or media outlet may be a simple courtesy, OR, it may become a commitment to share your story in front of a targeted audience. Hire professionals to handle your social media messages.

Quality Content

Quality content is defined as well-written original copy, professionally designed graphics, carefully planned and executed videos, and beautiful photography.

Content includes blog posts, articles, stories, videos, graphics, or anything else placed on your website or online.

Generating ongoing quality content is a tough job and one for marketing experts who know how to produce and sell based solely on your business advertising strategy.

The Marketing Square creates content that will resonate with and reach your prospects. It’s written for Google and according to the professional standards of your industry.

The Marketing Square specializes in website page performance, videos that are viewed, and for prospects to engage through calls and e-mails.

Website Design

The Marketing Square provides Florida law firms with unique website design and online marketing services.

Your website is your most valuable marketing asset. Is your website managed by accomplished webmasters and skilled content producers? Or, are you using inexperienced, cheap talent, AI, and whatever you gather from Google?

We are an established website agency (since 2004) and we do business by meeting with you in person. We get to know your business, your goals, and your financial expectations. We design websites for your target and for the sole purpose of generating revenue.

Whether you’re a 10-year solo practice, a 30-year partnership, or a new law firm with several attorneys who need new business, we can turn your business around.

Sure, you want a good-looking website. Do you know what your headlines should say? Are you looking at everyone else’s websites for answers?

Your website often holds the first client meeting. So, how are those first meetings going for you?

Google Results

The Marketing Square states that Google results are sales: phone calls and e-mails from clients who will hire you. Prospects want to meet with you because they found you online.

Did you know that your website pages and online assets don’t need to show up on the first page of Google to bring you clients?

Are you listening to self-proclaimed marketing experts who have no proof or experience? Don’t be fooled. Only Google knows what a Google algorithm will be from one day to the next.

Did you know that each of your website pages has the opportunity to appear in Google results?

How many website pages should you have? What information do you share? Are your website pages coded and formatted by experts or for search engines?

Marketing Square clients get ongoing Google results from website and online marketing.

Relationship Marketing

Let’s go offline and look at the client relationships you’ve built. Or, maybe you need to reconnect with peers, the community, and your clients?

Do you keep client data, more importantly, who have you hired to interpret that data? Ae you working with researchers and statisticians?

How many clients are repeat clients? What percentage of clients should be referral businesses? Based on the number of years in business, what does it say if 90% of business is new?

Do you maintain communication with clients? What is your relationship with your prospects based on reviews?

Are there clients in your past whom you should reconnect with?

Get the right answers through relationship marketing with The Marketing Square.

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