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Rebekah Brown, CEO

Marketing Square CEO Rebekah Brown brings new clients through the doors of Florida law firms, doctor’s offices, financial, construction, and small businesses with videos, content, and website SEO and SEM.

A University of Wisconsin-Madison graduate with a B.A. in Journalism, Brown has written for websites since 2000. Brown brought The Marketing Square to Winter Park, Florida, in 2010.

“The Marketing Square team drives new client calls to Florida attorneys, doctors, realtors, and financial professionals through their websites,” Brown said. “Our clients are thriving.”

Brown is an award-winning journalist (Best of Gannett Headline & Investigative Sports Reporting, Ring 32 Boxing Writer of the Year, 2x NNPA Best Sports Section Awards) who since 1984 was an investigative sports reporter, boxing columnist, copy editor and page designer with newspapers including The Detroit News, The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, The Kansas City Star-Times and The Wisconsin State Journal. Brown still produces pieces on boxing and fighters and celebrates 32 years covering boxing.

Brown is also an award-winning advertising copywriter (PRAME TV, Radio, Print) since 1996 and created national ad campaigns for clients including Allstate, American Airlines, American Cancer Society, Ameritech, Amtrak, Bank of America, Best Buy, Budweiser, CareerBuilder, Chrysler, DaimlerChrysler, Dodge, Domino’s Pizza, Food Lion, Ford, Geico, General Mills, Honda, Jeep, Kmart, McDonald’s, Michigan Lottery, MillerCoors, Navy, Verizon Wireless and Western Union.

Brown is one of the nation’s first:
• Female Big 10 beat reporters covering Purdue University in 1987
• Female boxing columnists in 1990 for The Detroit News
• Website copywriters for Verizon, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, General Mills, Kmart since 2000
• Website and content agency firms founded in 2004



Jon Maue, Creative Director

Creative Director Jon Maue directs and designs website builds, IT and brand marketing. Jon ensures client website builds comply with Google, Bing and Yahoo standards having worked using premier WordPress techniques since the inception of the Internet.

Jon is an entrepreneur who in 2000 began designing websites professionally shaping advertising campaigns for top Detroit agencies. Jon is a brilliant digital technologist and the Internet is his toolbox for building unique, refined websites.

“Ideas are my currency in the small business marketplace,” Jon said. “I think of every client as a future big brand and I pull insights from all the projects I’ve worked on.”

A Michigan State grad, Jon is based in Metro Detroit and thrives in a vibrant tech community focused on the auto industry and many other Fortune 500 brands. Jon has served creatively for Pro-Motion Technology Group, Cherry Republic, Arnold Worldwide, GlobalHue, Lovio George Inc., Doner Advertising, The McNenly Group.

Daniel Erdeg, Video Editor

Daniel Erdeg is The Marketing Square video editor and producer. Daniel is a gifted visual designer and has an eye for details to make every client shine. Daniel shapes footage into a thrilling stories where businesses, attorneys and law firms are the stars.

Daniel has been editing since 2007 and is expert in motion graphics and movie quality videos. Daniel is a skilled time-lapse photographer and videographer. You may see more of his work here on his YouTube channel.

Originally from Hungary, Daniel has lived in Croatia, England, Sweden, and his current locale, Serbia. Daniel has completed his thesis in financial mathematics.

Oskar Borbas, Webmaster & Designer

Oskar joined The Marketing Square as webmaster and website designer noted for his ability to develop disruptive and emerging website tactics. Oskar is also a Google-Certified AdWords specialist, SEO expert and skilled research specialist.

If there’s a provocative, new method for online conversions, Oskar is willing to try it if it will improve client results and transactions. Whether beta testing a plugin, recoding or using the latest Google products, Oskar helps to alter WordPress strategies. Oskar does what it takes to urge new clients from websites through a law firm’s front door.

Oskar studied Trade and International Business, and Professional Economics in Serbia where he lives and works as a Marketing Square team member.

Maggie McLeod, Marketing Specialist

Maggie McLeod serves The Marketing Square as a detail-oriented researcher, website designer, copy writer and editor, graphic designer and photo editor, search engine optimization and search engine marketing specialist.

Maggie tests, researches and creates critical new social media posts and online tactics. Always looking for what’s new and what’s next, Maggie provides invaluable insights that direct client activity and planning.

Maggie’s more than 20 years of digital and Internet experiences began while managing software deployment for U.S. and International businesses for Optio Software; as software solution delivery manager for Muscato Corp.; as an IBM mainframe Systems Software Specialist for Blue Cross Blue Shield. Maggie is an accomplished jewelry designer, art collector and author in North Carolina.

Larry Perry, IT and Research

Larry Perry is a Marketing Square IT, research and website rebuild guru. Larry has worked with The Marketing Square since 2011 with a focus on responsive (mobile) website solutions, and competitive online analysis.

Larry is skilled computer scientist who created and implemented website and technology as a certified U.S. Navy Instructor in the 1970s. Larry was an IBM computer technician and teacher for the U.S. Army in the 1980s and an Aviation and Advanced Electronics Technician for the Navy. Larry worked in the telecom industry and transitioned into working with small businesses.

Franklyn Galusha, Online Marketing Strategist

Franklyn Galusha is an Online Marketing Strategist and a Top 100 Legal and Medical Field SEO (search engine optimization) master who has worked with The Marketing Square since 2011.

After helping small business owners promote themselves online since 1996,
Franklyn will tell you it’s not enough just to have a good website built. You need to look constantly refreshing and adjusting your website to remain relevant to search engines. You need appealing video, strong and compelling content. The list of assets your website needs changes every time that Google introduces a new algorithm.

Aristides Rodriguez, Graphics Designer

Aristides is a graphic artist and designer who brings a professional warmth and personality to client logos, business cards and social media artwork.

One of Winter Park Technical Institute’s top web and design students, Aristides had published a book on how to draw before working on social media with The Marketing Square in 2012.

Aristides sketches by hand or creates digital masterpieces including illustrated books available on Amazon. His works include “Step-by-Step Drawing,” and artwork in a series of children’s books .

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