Our Marketing Services

Website Marketing

The Marketing Square builds every piece of each website for busy clients from copy, to photos, videos, to social media, and graphics.

  • Website Design, Website Rebuilds
  • Website Maintenance
  • Website Content Creation (Copy, Photos, Videos)

Video Marketing

The Marketing Square shapes video direction, shoots, produces, adds graphics, posts videos online for audiences.

  • Video Planning, Scripts & Direction
  • Video Shooting & Editing
  • Video Production & Posting

Content Marketing

The Marketing Square writes legal, medical, real estate & financial copy. We shoot, produce & market video & social media for clients.

  • Journalists Write Copy
  • Videographers Shoot, Edit & Produce
  • Social Media Experts Handle Accounts

Offline Marketing

The Marketing Square manages client events, promotions, sponsorships, relationships with existing and potential parties.

  • Research
  • Marketing Plans
  • Relationship Marketing

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