We Build Websites

To Build Your Business

Website design is strategic and created for your clientele.
We focus solely on getting new clients through your door.

Your New Website Will Be Fully Optimized For:

Website Leads

We Know The Internet The Way You Know The Law. Your new website is dedicated to new phone calls and new clients.

Search Results

Your law firm will be found on Google, Yahoo and Bing.


Fast load times are critical to a great website user experience, ensuring they can get information quickly which improves the website’s Google ranking.

All Devices

Deliver a consistent experience for your users across mobile devices and browsers. This ensures designs perform reliably.


Providing users with a secure experience is essential to building trust. Show users it’s safe to send information while contacting you.

Your Investment Pays For Itself

Your Success is Our Reward

Our Clients Say It Best

  • The Marketing Square and Rebekah Brown on short notice in 2016 got me I.B.H.O.F. ready which was hosted in Canastota, New York. The Marketing Square also hosted me on a charity tour with Base Camp inc. in the Orlando, Florida area visiting the beautiful children hospitals which was a hard job to see and do but the smile on the kids faces got me through the heartfelt cause that needed to be address. Rebekah Brown and her team is one of the best things I’ve experienced business wise since hearing the ring announcer’ s announce me as the Middleweight x1 and Light Heavyweight x2 Champion of the World. If you’re trying to take your brand or company to the next level I highly recommend Rebekah Brown and the Marketing Square.

    Reggie Sweet Johnson
    3x World Champion
  • From a monetary standpoint I would say there’d never been a quarter that went by over this five or six years where we didn’t take in 10 or 20 times more than what we spent in in the marketing activity to generate that business.

    It was very lucrative from a monetary standpoint just in pure dollars but also in the expanse of the market place. It was no longer people who lived in Central Florida or the State of Florida it was literally coming to me from everywhere.

    Eric Lanigan
    LaniganPL.com, Client since 2011


Will my site be device-friendly?

Your website will use the latest responsive design technology so it’s device-friendly and will display properly and promptly across all browsers, devices and search engines.

Will I have a say in the design process?

Website design is focused on producing results for your law firm. You choose the basic look for your site. We customize it for your needs.

What website experience do you have?

The Marketing Square has built revenue-generating websites since 2004. Our talented, knowledgeable staff has advertising agency, videography, photography, journalism, SEO/SEM, website build and design expertise.

How long does a website build take?

We build websites in 30 days for one- to two-person law firms; 60 days for firms with three people or more. We stick to timelines.

Do you know what to place on a website?

Your expertise is knowing and upholding the law. It’s OK if you don’t know what should be on a website. We build for your clients.

What do I have to do for the website?

Your only job is to prepare for clients, meet with us monthly and establish the back office, to handle the clients that will call you.

Where are your clients?

Never say what someone will or won’t do online. You don’t know and will be surprised at where clients come from. The Internet reaches worldwide.

Will you take my money and disappear?

The Marketing Square comes to your office to maximize your time. We keep you on schedule and communicate regularly. We’re here to help you long term.

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