How much will it cost?

Website and annual marketing plan prices vary by client. Do you have one attorney or 10? Do you need a website rebuild or a new website? We create customized WordPress websites with year-round marketing plans for lawyers, doctors, real estate and financial firms. A website should bring you new clients who spend 4 to 6 figures per transaction. Your website is built for your audience, practice areas, products and services offered.

How long will it take?

When you let us take on your website and online marketing duties you’ll receive new client calls and e-mails after the website launch with gradual increases. You’ll have regular client calls and e-mails in 180 days. New websites launch in 30 days. Website rebuilds take 60 days. We work on strict timelines with clear processes. You won’t lift a finger because we do all the work. You approve elements but we build the website and all online assets.

What if I hate website stuff?

As a client of The Marketing Square, you’ll never write a word, or touch social media, take a picture, or post anything to your website. You’ll meet with us monthly and we do the work. You focus on cases and clients. Our experienced team has worked on websites for years and everyone takes pride in doing things the right way customized to every client.

What should I be doing?

You should be doing your job, not fooling with your website. It’s not unusual for our clients to tell us their website efforts have failed. Websites involve complex work and unless you’re a Webmaster, coder, writer, videographer, photographer, editor, social media and online marketing expert with hours to focus on execution, you won’t be successful. We do all website work with a team. Clients should not Pro Se their own websites or marketing. Lawyers should be in court; Doctors with patients; Realtors showing properties. Leave the website to the expert team at The Marketing Square.

How can I trust you?

We won’t sign a client if we know we can’t help drive revenue. We stay in business by providing clients ongoing proven website results. We know that technology and websites are very frustrating and the constant demands of clients are stressful. The Marketing Square staff enjoys the research, minutia, detail-oriented, non-stop, Internet marketing.

How can I be sure it will work?

We have client testimonials on the website and you’ll find more online. You can Google us, call past and current clients and they’ll share their experiences with The Marketing Square. We’re successful because we know what we’re doing and can deliver revenue. We wouldn’t be in business if our clients weren’t making money.

How much can I earn?

Lawyers and doctors can earn between four, five and six figures monthly from website clients. This is not something we state lightly because the only ROI you expect is something in the area of a per-client spend from $2,500 to a six-figure amount or a seven-figure settlement in a lawsuit. Yes, our clients make that kind of money and we’ll provide you with our client references.

Why is it so expensive?

The Marketing Square is not SquareSpace. If you want a pretty website, we can build it, but it will also have an infrastructure and content to bring you clients. You’re leaving money on the table and clients for your competitors without a website plan. Are you relying only on referrals or networking? Our ONLY job is to make your phone ring and bring clients through the door. Our team provides concierge care and customized work for your law firm, medical practice, real estate or financial services agency.

Do I even need a website?

Yes. Everyone Googles you, your business, your staff. Your website holds the first meeting. Your website should shorten your sales cycle and is the only place you control your information on the Internet. It’s a big step—from clicking on your website to calling your business for an appointment to hiring you–the attorney, doctor or realtor. Give your clients the information they need, quickly. Do you know what your website should share? We do because we are advertising, content and coding experts. If you want clients, you’d better make sure your website performs for your audience.

How much should I spend?

A Marketing Square website cost is a simple math problem: If you’re currently spending $___ a month and receiving ___ clients, what budget will you commit to signing a new client. You have to consider your sales cycle, client acquisition cost and ability to generate $50,000 (for example) in legal fees. What is your client acquisition cost for a $5,000 client? A $150,000 client? You’ll have to assign an amount you’ll pay to land a client and determine how many clients you want to pursue in a month. There is work assessed to achieve this goal and as soon as The Marketing Square online advertising plan is approved work can begin.

Will you rip me off?

Never. If you’ve been ripped off in the past that’s very unfortunate, but it’s very common. Our tactics work and we’ve provided attorneys proven results since 2010. We are available 12 hours every day of the week. You may call, e-mail or text us and you will hear from us immediately. We are very hands on with our clients. We work at YOUR offices, at YOUR convenience, around YOUR schedules. We work after 5 p.m. and on weekends. We are relentless in our efforts for our clients.

What about ROI?

You will get a clear return on investment (ROI) from working with The Marketing Square. Your marketing expenditure will be a percentage of what you expect to earn, and yes, you’ll recoup what you spend. Usually within the first six months. We can do a lot or we can do a little. In the past six years, law firms, clients who have 1- and 2-person law firms, earn five to six figures monthly. Some earn more. Revenue depends on the amount of money committed to the work we do for your law firm online. Everything we do has a cost. You provide clients estimates for lawsuits and we provide estimates on marketing.

Who are you guys?

The Marketing Square staff is around the world: Rebekah (RB) is based in Winter Park, Florida. Rebekah has been doing this website stuff since 2000 as has Jon Maue who is in Northville, Michigan. Jon and RB began at a Michigan advertising agency working on Fortune 500 clients that included Verizon, DaimlerChrysler, Domino’s Pizza, Western Union, Kmart and many others. Maggie is in North Carolina. Lori is in Ohio. Oskar and Daniel are in Serbia. Franklyn and Larry are in Florida. Rebekah goes to clients’ offices and work is done remotely by the entire staff.

After writing and building some of the very first websites for these companies, RB and Jon began building websites for clients, left the ad agency to work with small businesses in Michigan, North Carolina, Wisconsin and Florida.

Can’t I do my marketing myself?

Sure, you can try, but it takes a team to tackle online work. We are website, Internet and advertising experts at The Marketing Square. Website work involves grueling and repetitive and constant work that can only be handled by webmasters, coders, content experts, advertising vets, prolific writers, skilled photographers, exceptional videographers, gifted graphic artists, editors and social media professionals. We provide original content generation and ongoing research for your business.

How long are the meetings?

Time is money so we are very careful and respectful of your time. The monthly meeting you invest with us is part of the commitment you make to your success. We work at set times convenient to you and your staff–whenever that is. We can handle client meetings after hours or on weekends when there are no distractions or interruptions. Breakfast or lunch hours are fine as long as you have one hour to work with us.

What should I do online?

Your online activities will vary depending upon your answers to the below questions.

  • How many years have you been in business?
  • How many clients do you need to thrive?
  • How much is each client spending with your firm?
  • What is your sales cycle for a $100,000 client?
  • How much are you spending to sign a client?
  • Which practice areas are you focused on?
  • Who is your clientele?

What is content?

Content is any written article, a photo, a graphic, a video created to post online. It’s a story, an interactive visual, your law firm commercial, podcasts, visual elements.

You have to create content—quality content–to engage your clients. You continually post content for your audience. If you’re not creating and posting content regularly, you should hire a firm, because other attorneys and law firms will happily take your place online.

Shouldn’t I be on social media?

Put work into your own website so your clients can find you everywhere. We’ll show you where you should be online and what you should be doing. We make sure the proper efforts are placed into the right online assets for your business.  We build and maintain social media for all clients. BUT there are 3 to 5 billion Google searches daily. There are 4 to 10 billion YouTube searches daily. We will show you where to place your efforts online.